One Lemming's Loss

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About Lemmings

For realsy, lemmings do not commit mass suicide running off of cliffs. This myth is brought to you by Disney, after they tormented a bunch of them (I guess on accident, trying to make a shot) and they were so disoriented they all jumped off a cliff.

Also brought to you because they have been known, when over-populated, to move on. And this occasionally involves them all moving on in the same direction. And when they get going, there's no stopping them. If there is a river or other body of water in teh way, they will just swim across it. Sometimes, there are so many lemmings swimming together that some of them get pushed under and drown. And sometimes they are a bit ridiculous about planning ahead and astart swimming across something that is too big so they get tired and drown. Poor little guys.

Lemmings are pretty cute though. Tiny little guys, they are only 3 to 6 inches big! Their tails are usually shorter than the ones I drew, but those tails were so cute I couldn't help myself. But they also have a tendancy to not wear bow ties and hats, so I feel in the clear about any inaccuracies in their appearance.

Some other interesting myths, you ask? They purportedly would fall out of the skjy during a storm and grom from the earth in the spring. They are burrowers, so I can see how that came about. We eventually figured out they were just regular rodents though.

For a cute time and interesting information about lemmings, you could follow in my footsteps and read What is a Lemming? by D.M. Souza. There are lots of cute pictures of lemmings. For more information, you can also check out Wikipedia, of course, but the book has more.