One Lemming's Loss

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One Lemming's Loss is about a lemming who misses the great cliff run and ends up alone. He grieves for his lost family until a little chickadee comes to help him out of it and they become fast friends. Yet even much later in the lemming's life, he still misses his family.

Creator: Angela Boyle
Page layout: Abe Olson
Printer: Egress Studio Press
Publication Date: April 2011
Format: FC, 14 pages, 7.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide, hand-sewn binding

I drew this over the course of 2 months. One month for pencils and inks, a second month for the colors. I used sumi ink (and nib dip pens), so I couldn't color over it without it running. So Abe scanned the inks and printed them out and I colored the print outs with Copic markers. This comic took almost a full grass green refill. That is a lot if ink.

Practice Anthropomorphic Lemmings

I wanted to practice the style a bit before working on the comic so I could get the lemming's down consistently.

Practice Real Lemmings

But before even those I practiced lemmings. They are very cute.


Cute little face

Hiding in a burrow

Staning on a stump
This one reminds me of Ernie (one of our corgis) on the couch

Kissing - I was testing out the colors of lemmings

More animals of the arctic tundra

Lemmings are from North America, and the arctic tundra, so I looked up a bunch of animals from the arctic tundra.

Snowy owl and babies


Another squirrel.
Squirrels make some great expressions and I couldn't help but add speach.

Caribou feet
Just the feet because they are so big in comparison to the lemmings.
Getting stepped on by caribou is one of the hazards of leaving their hole.

An ermine - a predator of lemmings.

A beautiful white ermine

Color test of the Big Horn Sheep

This is actually a pair of arctic hares fighting,
but the totally look like they are high-fiveing.

Acrtic Tundra

Since the lemmings are from the arctic tundra, I wanted to practice the landscape, though I didn't use it too much.

So pretty, but so barren.