The Autovoyuerist

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A reclusive man watches his neighbor coming and going.
What is he thinking?
Why is he watching?

Creator: Angela Boyle
Page layout: Abe Olson
Printer: Egress Studio Press
Publication Date: December 2011
Format: FC, 10 pages, 8.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide, hand-sewn binding

The Autovoyuerist was inked traditionally with a brush and colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Color tests for the main character. I used Copic markes on a print out of a drawing I had done of him.

Color tests for the lady. Again, Copic markers.

This drawing started an obsession with drawing dudes in their tighty whities.

Extra practice. Adorable. Clean shaven, for once.

Poor guy sat in gum.

Tests of the lady. I might have to use the one in the bottom right for somethign else.

I needed an awful car for him to love. At first I was thinking an awesome car, but what is unusual about loving awesome old cars?

Unfortunately, there is not a print copy availalbe at this time. If you find Flying Dodo Publications at a convention, we might have some in our clearance bin.