Hardly Kind

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Hardly Kind was written and illustrated by Angela Boyle. The story idea was by Jim Bertolino.

Jim Bertolino is a poet and has been a professor at a number of colleges and universities. Despite his illustrious and wide-randing career, Hardly Kind is the first comic he has to his name. You can read more about Jim and his poetry at his website.

Angela Boyle is a technical writer by day, comic artist by evening and weekend. She graduated with a BS in Technical Communication from the University of Washington in 2004. She lives in Seattle, WA, with her helpful boyfriend, Abe Olson, and their two corgis, Ernie and Nisa. Oh, and the nearly invisible cat, Nermal. Though she has been drawing and writing since she could hold a crayon, she started making comics in 2011, which is long after she first held a crayon.

You can see more of her art under lunavalse on DeviantArt. She spastically blogs at Inkyphalangies, where she occasionally posts comic reviews. She posts her autobio comic, Spaz Hands. With Abe Olson writing, she draws The Jerks. Would you believe she also has a tumblr called Inky Phalangies?

You can contact her at angela@flyingdodopublications.com.